DeBert production facilities represent up to now the company point of strength, as shown in the attached table. We can knit any yarns in different gauges: from 6 to 22 with computermachines or double-cylinder machines, with or without needles in plate and diameter for man, lady and child. Due to the wide range of machines for terry socks, we are allowed to realise 96 needle socks for trekking and 200 needle very light and soft socks.


On a market, which is undergoing a more and more rapid growth, the research for new material has always been a characteristic of Calzificio deBert. As shown in the attached table, there is no yarns that have not been implied: from the most noble natural fibres like cachemire to vegetable makò giza cotton to synthetic kevlar. Our experience enables us to find any fibres existing on the market in very short time in order to fulfil the more and more demanding needs.