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ISince 1978 the Calzificio debert of Borgo San Giacomo produces and distributes stockings throughout the national and international territory. The company in recent years has steadily grown to cover an area of 3,000 square meters that include cutting-edge technologies for a complete production process in all its aspects.
Debert today deals with the study, design and production of socks and tights man, woman and child. Classic and trendy products, without neglecting technical and sporting items.
All the socks are made according to the seasons with collections always diversified and updated following the trends of fashion. In addition, they are marketed in packages designed specifically for each type of product.
With 30 in-house employees and as many outside collaborators, the company has an annual production of about 150,000 dozen stockings.
In Italy it is present with two brands:
  • debert for wholesale distribution;
  • STYLE for retail distribution.
Abroad it is present either with its own debert brand or indirectly with customer brands. Exports, which now account for 70% of the company’s turnover, include countries such as France, Belgium, Holland, England, USA, Canada and Kuwait.
Debert also collaborates in the design and production of socks with several European brands such as Armani, In The Box, Paul Smith and Dandy Street. Finally debert is registered trademark with OEKO TEX Certifications and Organic Yarn Certifications.
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Pietro Luigi Bertoletti
Born on 25/08/1936, qualified knitwear expert in Novara at the Technical Industrial Institute Contessa Tornielli and Bellini in knitwear, with the support of his son Mario is the founder of the DeBert hosiery.
In addition to being a perfect husband, father and grandfather, Pietro has always been a great workaholic dedicated to his work, a determined and constant man, with a careful look projected towards the future and new trends.
Mario Bertoletti
Right arm of his father Pietro, Mario is the mind and body of deBert. He is a tireless and passionate worker of his sector, too. Also 30 years later, he graduated from the Industrial Technical Institute G. Fauser in Novara in knitwear. This has made him very competent and attentive to the choice of materials, quality and yield of his products.
In this constantly evolving market, the search for new materials has always been a prerogative of the DeBert hosiery. There is no material, from the noblest natural fibers such as cashmere and recycled cashmere, to those plants such as cotton makò giza to those synthetic type coolmax, which are used in our production.
The focus on the search for new opportunities for the protection of natural resources always targeted and attentive to the environment and sustainability, including the use of bio and recycled fibers on the market, features DeBert without ever penalizing the quality of our yarns.
The experience accumulated in recent years allows you to quickly find any fiber that exists on the textile market today so you can meet the most demanding requests.
Debert’s fleet is still the company’s strong point. The production can use all types of yarn and covers a range of fineness ranging from 6 to 22, with single and double cylinder machines, with and without needles in the plate and diameter for men, women and children.
Another peculiarity is the wide range of sponge machines that allow you to make socks ranging from 96 needles for mountain socks to 200 needles for lightweight velvety sponges.
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